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Want to Play College Baseball?

We take each athlete and guide him to maximize his potential in the classroom, in the gym, and on the field.  In order to reach the next level of baseball, it is important to understand the journey. Our goal is to educate you and your athlete on how to become a “recruit.” There are a limited number of spaces each program offers; therefore, it is important to always work toward being one’s personal best. We will guide you in all areas on and off the field.  West Coast Athletic Advisement achieves this through a personalized approach in which the student-athlete and family are guided through every step, from initial interviews to commitment at the collegiate level. The recruiting process can be difficult to navigate and extremely time-consuming. Having WCAA on your side during this challenging process will give you the confidence you need to get the student-athlete where they want to be.


The “right” colleges to pursue are the ones that meet these criteria:

  • The competition level is a match for your athletic abilities
  • The teams have a need for your position on the roster
  • The schools are located in the area of the country you prefer
  • The tuition is affordable with a partial scholarship
  • The size of the school and student body is appropriate
  • The colleges offer your desired